Carpet Cleaning Unlimited prides itself on providing an expert carpet and upholstery cleaning service.

To achieve this aim, work is carried out in four stages:

I need to be sure of exactly what you want done.
I then need to establish the best means of doing it, and will carry out any appropriate tests.
I am aware that many customers find the thought of upheaval in their homes or disruption of their business daunting. If you do have concerns, I need to know.
Your survey visit is of course free and without obligation

I will give you a detailed written quotation.
The sum stated on the quotation is the sum you pay

Stage three is down to me. I will carry out the work in the way we have agreed- all I need is a supply of electricity and water.
Furniture will be moved and  replaced as required.
The only thing I ask of you is that you move small valuables or delicate ornaments for me.
Yes, you can walk on the carpet.

After Sales Service
I do offer an after sales service:
If you find removing protective pads or blocks from your furniture difficult
If are an absentee landlord and need to ensure everything is perfect for an incoming tenant.
If you feel a reminder service for future work would be useful
If you would like my help, just give me a call


Carpet Cleaning Unlimited carry out excellent work with minimal disruption to our business

Mr Jonathan Denby - Hotel Owner